So I keep thinking about The Husband's Secret. [MAJOR SPOILERS]

The Husband's Secret - Liane Moriarty

I kind of want some fanfic or something about Polly, dealing with the loss of her arm, growing up. Does she blame her parents? Does she ever find out what her father did (or thinks he did--thanks epilogue)? Does she hold resentment towards Rachel? What is she like as a teenager? Is she filled with anger, or does she accept her situation as best she can? How do her sisters react?


I hate all the "we can't tell the children because CHILDREN" hand-wringing in this book. CHILDREN KNOW THINGS. They can sense it, as Tess sees that Liam senses there was a problem between her and Will. And if you don't tell them straight up, they're going to find out some other way, and they'll resent you for not being honest with them. Like seriously, the reason John-Paul doesn't confess (and Cecelia doesn't ask him to) is because they don't know how they would tell the kids. Seriously? SERIOUSLY? I hate the idea that their kids grew up never knowing this shit, always wondering what their dad's black moods were about and why their parents had so much tension in their marriage, maybe even blaming themselves. How much do you want to bet Polly is going to blame herself for her parents' problems? She gets in an accident and all of a sudden they hate each other. She won't remember that the problems started a week earlier than the accident.


At the end of the book, literally the last line, the author says some secrets are better left hidden, "just ask Pandora." Okay. Secrets about your sex life? Secrets about how you secretly dislike someone you have to spend lots of time with? Medical problems? Sure, keep those to yourself. Secrets about MURDER? A LITTLE MORE IMPORTANT. The author writes this whole book on secrets and what happens when a secret is found out, and then ends it by implying it should have stayed secret forever? Grrrr.


So I kind of want a second-generation book that talks about Polly coping with finding out what happened. Who knows, maybe Rachel tells her.


I'm not sure what the point of Tess's "oops this kid might be someone else's" ending was, but that'd make a good second-generation story as well. Kid needs a kidney or something and finds out her dad isn't actually her dad. Oops.


Big, important things shouldn't stay hidden. Get that shit out in the open, so at least you know what you're dealing with.