Ashes of Honor  - Seanan McGuire I'm finally caught up to the end of the currently published books in the series and have to wait for the next one like everyone else. ARGH.

The book opens with the scandalous idea of Etienne, straight-laced knight of Shadowed Hills, having a secret changeling daughter who is kidnapped before he even knows she exists. This, of course, hits a personal nerve for Toby, who has a changeling daughter of her own, and she's off on yet another kidnapping case. In the course of events, she returns to Tamed Lightning, visits a part of Faerie she was never meant to see, drives the Luidaeg's car, almost dies a few times (as usual), and does something to her wrists that I will never ever forgive her for because NIGHTMARES FOREVER. *shudder*

However, the real story of this book is the slow burn of the romance between Toby and Tybalt, finally taking on a more solid shape after being hinted at for several books. I'm not sure I agree with Tybalt's assertion that Connor loved "the girl Toby was" and not "the woman she's become," but I do believe that Toby and Tybalt can be good for each other, and I'm excited to see where their relationship goes in the future.

I really have to track down that "Tybalt origin story" that's apparently in A Fantasy Medley 2 is released.