Some Girls Are - Courtney Summers Wow.

This book is brutal and amazing. I devoured it in a fever. Though the two books have similar themes, I liked this a lot better than Cracked Up to Be. It felt more satisfying, and I related more to the main character, who does bad things and has bad things done to her. Everyone's been on both sides of that line at one point or another.

I'm glad I didn't go to high school where Courtney Summers went to high school. The mean-girling and backstabbing in my school was way less harsh. More "we will refuse to sit with you at lunch," less "we will try to make you get raped." The book felt authentic to the core, though. I don't doubt that there are people out there having experiences like this and worse.

Another one of those YA books with completely oblivious parents. I don't care in this case, because what was going on with the teenagers was way more compelling, but I do feel the need to mention it. The adults in this book don't get involved because the characters know that getting them involved would do as much harm as good. That is often the case, but it would have been nice to see a fleshed-out adult or two instead of having them move like ghosts through other rooms.

I like that Summers focuses on themes of forgiveness and redemption. How do you forgive yourself when you know you've done something horrible? Young-adulthood is often the time where our illusions of ourselves as Good People are first challenged, sometimes shattered. Learning to deal with that is part of growing up.

Riveting and well-written.