Apartment Therapy's Big Book of Small, Cool Spaces - Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan This book is filled with beautiful photos and design ideas that got me excited about decorating my next apartment. The tips are useful and the way these people have customized their homes is amazing. It offers suggestions on how to camouflage elements you don't like (I particularly liked the photo of the buzzer panel surrounded by similarly-sized artwork), and how to enhance elements you love. I wish there were more of every section--more examples, more tips, more ideas. I feel completely out of my depth when it comes to decorating--I can tell if a space is beautiful, but have no idea WHY it works so well--so having the copy to explain what worked about each room was really helpful.

It does frustrate me that there are so many apartments with modifications added, like loft beds or walls torn down, because most people can't do that in a rental. This book isn't exactly written for the average person in a cheap apartment they can't do very much to. That's why I ultimately stopped reading the AT blog, as well. It's not great at acknowledging that many people don't have anywhere near the budget for the kind of things they promote.

Some of the copy referred to design elements that can't be seen in the photos, which is annoying, like it wasn't proofread enough before going to press.

You know what I'd really like to see? Apartment Therapy: Ugly Apartment Makeover Edition. Like, take a crappy carpeted apartment with ugly doors and horrible "bones" (like the one I live in now), that you're not allowed to make major modifications to, and make it something gorgeous. That's something I could really appreciate and learn from.