Not So Big House (Susanka) - Sarah Susanka, Kira Obolensky This book was a real eye-opener. It's astounding to me that the concept of not building rooms we're not going to use is so revolutionary, and yet I had never thought of it before. It made me rethink my own living space, even though at this stage of my life I just live in small apartments--things such as, do we ever really use the dining table for eating, or is it just an extension of the kitchen counters? The parts of this book about which activities take place in which rooms was really helpful to me. I think we get too attached to the labels of "living room" and "dining room" without thinking about how much "living" and "dining" actually goes on in those places.

I admit the prairie style isn't that aesthetically pleasing to me (sorry, fellow Wisconsinites). So I was a bit disappointed in the photos of the houses, because they're not really houses I would want to live in. Everything is medium-toned wood and looks kind of orange. I wish there had been examples of different styles of homes that still embodied the concepts in the book; as it is, you come away with the impression that only a prairie-style house can fully realize your Not So Big dreams.

I skimmed the last couple of chapters because I'm not actually planning on building a home, but I'm planning to pick up a couple more of Susanka's books to get more ideas for my upcoming move.