Lioness Rampant - Tamora Pierce Aw, I'm all verklempt now. A bittersweet ending to this series. It's plain to see why the Alanna books created so many die-hard Pierce fans.

This could have easily been broken into two books, but I'm glad it wasn't, after the weird cuts between books the series made earlier. Still, it's pretty much two stories: the first being the quest for the Dominion Jewel, and the second the plot against Jonathan's life. While the first was fun, I liked the second half better. I love Corus and things are way less interesting when George isn't around.

But THE CAT. WHY DID THEY HAVE TO KILL THE KITTY. WHYYYYY. I can deal with the other two major character deaths way better than I can deal with the cat's, and I KNOW he's technically immortal! I just... wanted a scene with Alanna finding a new kitten during the epilogue or something. FANFIC WRITERS, GIVE THIS TO ME. (I'm sure it's already been done.)

Off to read everything else Pierce has written, and then to re-read the Beka Cooper books! Because MOAR KITTY.