Sea Glass - Maria V. Snyder I continue to really enjoy these books, although the plots are getting more complicated and harder to follow. I started wanting to make a list of all the unresolved questions just so I could keep track. There seem to be like five enemies after Opal at any given time, and they all want something different, and someone she trusts is always betraying her, and I can't keep up with it all.

I still like Opal, though, especially in her more jaded, cynical persona. I know at the end she learns to trust again, but I liked her suspicious and prickly. She was finally able to basically say "fuck you" to everyone who was trying to use her. She was no longer the doormat that Devlen tried to convince her she was.

Speaking of Devlen, I don't really know how to feel about him. He's a villain in the last book, but in this book he claims he's reformed and trying to make amends, and that Opal should just give in and admit she likes him already. That's the part I hate--who are you to tell Opal how she feels, especially after you tortured her and then basically raped her by deception? I can't stand it when men try to confuse women about their own emotions. It's manipulative and gross and I hate it. So Devlen didn't win many points with me in this book, but the story seems to be trying to paint him as someone who has changed and can now be trusted.

How many times will Opal have to learn to trust her instincts before she actually starts trusting them, though? Seriously?