Spy Glass - Maria V. Snyder I was kind of disappointed with this book. I feel like the Glass trilogy can be summed up as "Opal gets kidnapped," because that's what keeps happening, and it's a little annoying to keep reading the same plot over and over. She does get a bit smarter and more resourceful in this book, but she STILL gets kidnapped and forced to do someone else's bidding. While I did enjoy the creative ways she used her predicament to her advantage, I was tired of that plot a book and a half ago.

I was also disappointed that she decided to be with Devlen at the end instead of Kade (or no one). What? She marries her kidnapper, torturer, and (I'd argue) rapist, who just last book was trying to tell her how she felt about him? What a tired plot device. I don't care how much a dude has "changed"--you can forgive him, but deciding to be with him forever is another story. It's an irresponsible message for an author to send, and I expect better from people who aren't Stephenie Meyer.

I would read more books set in Ixia and Sitia, but I'd rather they explore the politics of the two regions and the different ways magic can be used than just having the protagonist get kidnapped and have to find her way out of situation after situation. There were a few dangling plot threads left over from these books--where is Zitora's sister?--but if Snyder does write more books set in these lands, I hope she has a more coherent vision for them than she did for the Glass series. While these books were compelling to read, it seemed like the story meandered all over the place without a clear goal in mind. Yelena's story was much more satisfying.