Squire  - Tamora Pierce I love this book. The Keladry books are quickly becoming one of my favorite Tortall series…es. I'm sad that I only have one more to go!

A lot of things happen in this book, but what fascinates me most is the stuff about the Chamber of the Ordeal. Throughout the book, Kel goes to touch the door of the Chamber, and it shows her something different each time--whatever her greatest fear is at that moment. When she finally goes in for her turn, it plays on her fear of heights and her fear of being a failure at command and watching all her friends die--and she's had enough. She tells the Chamber it's just a nightmare machine, and it seems to be… pleased?… with that. It even gives her a task. I'm fascinated with this. Does the Chamber only show her fears because she has no stain on her soul like Vinson or Joren? Does everyone get the worst-fear treatment? I remember Alanna getting something similar.

Also, WHAT THE FUCK. JOREN DIES! HE DIES. I didn't even know that could happen. It's funny, I wanted Kel to get revenge on Joren for three books, but just having him die is kind of… anticlimactic. And sad. I was pretty satisfied with what happened to Vinson the creepy rapist, but I really would love to know what Joren saw inside the Chamber, and what he experienced that caused his death.

And then Wyldon resigns. Oh man. It's sad, but at the same time, he might be right--he could have come down harder on those boys' bullying, and he didn't. I like that Kel tells him he's the kind of knight she would want to be, though. And she stays on her horse when they're jousting, which is pretty impressive.

Mostly I just want to know about the history of the Chamber. Who put it there? Was it always a magical spot and they just built walls around it? Is it a spell? Is it a being? HOW DOES IT WORK.

On to the last book!