One Salt Sea - Seanan McGuire This series just keeps getting better. In this one, we get a whole new part of faerie we've never seen before--the Undersea, which is populated with as many different types of fae as the land. We get some fascinating tidbits of Luidaeg backstory as well, which just makes me want more. I'll definitely be reading [b:In Sea-Salt Tears|15844724|In Sea-Salt Tears|Seanan McGuire||21587708].

Now for the spoilery stuff: I should have known when this book opened with a sex scene that Connor would be dead by the end. I'm glad he and Toby got to have a relationship first.

I'm sad that he's dead. I liked him a lot. But one of the things I love about this series is that Anyone Can Die, which gave the climactic scene a lot of tension. I didn't know if it would be Gillian, or Quentin, or Tybalt, or whoever, but after Mary the Psychic Roane's dire warnings, I was pretty sure SOMEONE would be dead by the end. Toby can't be everywhere at once, to save everyone she loves, and sometimes she has to make hard choices.

I'm disappointed that Gillian chose humanity over faerie--I would have liked to see her added to the cast of characters. I hope this isn't the last time we see her, although I would understand if it was.

Toby's new powers are fascinating. Will she help the Luidaeg restore the Roane? Can she change the balance of Rayseline's blood to make her less horrible? I want to see this used more! Change ALL the bloods!

I only have one more left, and then I have to start waiting for the books in real time like everybody else. Dammit.