Wolf-Speaker - Tamora Pierce I liked this a lot. Maybe not as much as the first one--the ending felt a little too easy to achieve, and I'm frustrated that Daine still doesn't know who her father is even though it's been confirmed for the reader. But it was still delightful, and I loved getting to know the pack, and Tkaa, and the animals of the valley, and I loved the moral ambiguity that maybe Stormwings aren't just straight-up evil. I also liked the hints of Daine's larger destiny--that she can bridge the gaps between humans, animals, and immortals. And she's turning into a shape-shifter, like Numair! Awesome.

Also, I REALLY want to meet the tree that turned into a two-legger. I HOPE THIS COMES BACK.

ETA: I forgot to say THANK YOU to Tamora Pierce for NOT killing the adorable kitten this time. Nine lives!